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Miro is an online whiteboard platform that enables your team members to collaborate and work effectively by brainstorming on a whiteboard using digital sticky notes, flowcharts, and many other illustrative components the platform offers. The capability of sharing a whiteboard as an embedded iframe on the stage allows your attendees to view, edit, and comment during the event, thereby improving your audience engagement.


Zuddl allows team members, speakers, and moderators (presenters) to share Miro Whiteboard at different zones in an event. The zones where you can share a Miro Whiteboard are:


Who can share


Designated presenters (organisers, speakers, and moderators) including attendees invited to the stage


All room members


Booth owners including attendees invited to the stage

1:1 meeting

All room members

Enabling the integration

To enable the integration, follow the below steps:

  1. On Zuddl, go to Integrations.

  2. On the Miro integration card, click on View Integration Details.

  3. Click Enable Integration.

This starts displaying the Miro Whiteboard option in the list of presenting options in the attendee view.  

Note: Enabling the integration enables it for all events and you cannot disable the integration while an event is live.

Presenting instructions


  1. Log in to your Miro account.If you don't have an account, register for a Miro profile.

Note:  You can also login at the time of presenting. Once you have logged in, create a new board or select an existing active board that you wish to present.

  1. Click Share to share the board with the presenters with specific access privileges. This is useful when presenting a private Miro whiteboard.

Note: All presenters, including attendees who join the stage by request also need to log in to their account before presenting.


Miro Whiteboard does not work when the presenter is not on stage, so before you start presenting, ensure that you are on the stage. To start presenting:

  1. Click on the present icon and select Miro Whiteboard from the list of present options.
    If you are logged into your Miro account, you will be redirected to board picker page. If not, you’d be asked to log in.

  2. On the board picker page, select

    1. An existing board: choose this option to present an existing board that may be shared with your team members, speakers, and moderators.

    2. New board: choose this option to present an empty board. A board name should be added.

Note: Only active boards can be embedded on the stage.

  1. Change your access settings for collaboration

    1. Anyone can edit: Use this option to allow anyone including attendees to access and edit the content of the board from the stage itself. No sign-in is required.

    2. Anyone can comment: Use this option to allow anyone including attendees to access and comment on the contents of the board from the stage itself. No sign-in is required

    3. Anyone can view: Use this option to allow anyone including attendees to access and view the contents of the board from the stage itself. No sign-in required.

    4. Private: Use this option to restrict anyone including attendees to access and view on the contents of the board. Sign-in and access to the board is required. Private boards are unavailable on free plan. Learn more the plans and available Miro features.

Sharing screen.png

This will display your Miro board on the stage with the defined access settings.


Note: Leaving the stage automatically closes the presented screen.

Stop presenting

To stop your Miro whiteboard presentation, click on the Stop Miro presentation option in the meeting controls as shown below:


To stop a Miro whiteboard currently being presented by someone else, click on the Stop miro presentation option on top-left corner of the screen as shown below:


Note: Attendees joined on stage don’t have the option to stop presentations shared by someone else.

Some guidelines

Following are certain guidelines that you need to keep in mind as you share your Miro whiteboard.

  • Only one presenter can share the Miro Whiteboard at a time. To share another Miro whiteboard, you can stop the current share in progress and start sharing yours.image.png

  • When a PDF is shared, it moves the current Miro whiteboard presentation to the background. Attendees do not have the option to share PDFs.

  • Screen sharing can be done simultaneously along with PDF or Miro Whiteboard by delegated presenters.

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