Razorpay Integration

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The Zuddl-Razorpay integration enables you to securely accept payments from customers for your paid events. You can easily link your active Razorpay account to Zuddl and begin creating paid tickets.

At the time of registration, attendees are redirected to Razorpay’s checkout modal where they proceed with the payment details for the selected ticket tier. Once the entire checkout process is completed and the registration is successful, users receive confirmation mails for the registration and payment. They can log in to the event when it is live.


Note: Zuddl does not store any customer payment details as all payment processing and checkout-related information is captured at Razorpay’s end. Zuddl can only view your account data (such as all payment and payout history) and any data created by other businesses you've connected.

Connecting your Razorpay account

Before you start adding a paid ticket tier, you must establish a connection between your active Razorpay account and your Zuddl account. Once connected, you can easily create your paid ticket tiers.



To create paid tickets for your events, ensure that you have:


To connect your Razorpay account follow the below steps:

  1. On your Zuddl dashboard, go to Ticket Type > Tickets.

  2. Click on the “Connect Payment Gateway” button.

  3. On the Select Payment Type screen, click on the Select button on the Razorpay card.image.png

  4. Click Next. This will initiate the Razorpay login flow.

    Note: Alternatively, you can find the Connect with Payment gateway button in Profile Settings Teams.Enter the login credentials for your Razorpay account.image.png

  5. Click Authorize to grant Zuddl site access to your Razorpay account.


Upon successful connection, Zuddl generates a tokenId (using Razorpay merchant Id) which is used to identify/authorize your Razorpay account.

Testing the connection

Your unique Razorpay account Id appears in the Tickets tab as shown below:


You can also find the same in the Teams view under Profile Settings. You can make a mock payment to test the connection. To make a mock payment, do the following:


  1. Create an event.

  2. Create a paid ticket type for the event.


  1. Go to the event URL as an attendee.

  2. Select the Ticket Type name and click Continue.

  3. On the create account form, enter your First NameLast Name, and set a password.

  4. Click Continue. This initiates the Razorpay checkout form.

  5. Enter a phone number and click Proceed.

  6. Note: Your email address is pre-fetched as per the contact details shared earlier Select your desired payment method to test the integration. Refer the Test Integration article to proceed with mock payment.

Once the payment is made, a payment Id is generated and appears under Transactions > Payment in your Razorpay Dashboard.

More options

You can take more actions on your Razorpay integration.

  1. Change Razorpay Account: If you have more than one Razorpay account, you can also change the connection to your other Razorpay account.

  2. Remove Razorpay Account: This disables the integration by unlinking your Razorpay account from Zuddl.

  3. Change Payment Gateway: Zuddl supports other payment gateways such as Stripe. You can select this option if you wish to collect your payments using Razorpay payment gateway.


Registered attendees can directly join the event directly and are not shown the checkout flow.

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